Are you looking to sell cyber security training to businesses and/or individuals? If so, there are some things that you need to know before doing this. The IT field is growing each and every year. There are so many different training materials and cyber security training programs available. It is important to make sure that your training programs are everything that people need. They should be able to learn each aspect of the specific field of cyber security they are working toward.

Challenges and Opportunities for Selling Cyber Security Training

The IT and cyber security fields are a multi-billion dollar industry. Over the years, the training and information in the cyber security field continues to become more advanced. The competition for selling this type of training program is difficult. You will be competing against thousands of other cyber security training managers and businesses from all around the world. Combine that with the fact cyber attacks are becoming more complicated and dangerous, your training materials and the program must be the best. You need to be able to ensure the people who take your training program are able to help protect their personal or business data from cyber attackers.

Doing the Work

You might think that because there are so many cyber attackers and different cyber attack techniques that everyone will just buy your cyber security training. This isn’t the way it works. In fact, because the prevalence of cyber attacks is more commonplace and each attack could cost companies billions of dollars, they want to know that your program will work for them. If your training program isn’t going to teach them more about preventing and combating cyber security threats and attacks, they will likely find another program that will offer these things.

It is also important that you are able to convince potential buyers that they need your cyber security training program. It might seem like everyone would just want to buy the program you are offering. However, some companies believe that cyber security is a waste of money. They don’t think about the big picture – if something were to happen to their company due to a cyber attack. You need to make them realize that the cyber security training that you offer is worth it. You might also have individuals who want to take the training, so they can become professionals in the field. It is important to help them see that your program will offer them the best opportunities.

Keep Things Educational

If you are going to sell cyber security training programs, you must make sure they are educational. The people or companies that are going to be buying your training programs need to get everything they can from it. They are going to need to learn all about the niche of cyber security training they are trying to study. For instance, if they are trying to become an expert in small business cyber security, you will need to provide them with information specific to this subject matter. You don’t have to make every program individualized for each client or customer. However, providing educational content for all of your cyber security training programs is important.

Relevant Training Programs

In addition to making sure that you keep all of your cyber security training programs and materials educational, you also need to make sure that they are relevant. What is your audience going to need? What will they want to learn? You should keep these things in mind when you are creating the security training programs that you are going to sell. Your audience is in need of specific information – they need the newest and more relevant information.

If you just assume that your audience already knows specific information and you skip those points in your training materials, this would be a mistake. Whether it be Security Orchestration and Automation, Endpoint Threat Detection and Response, or some other part of security training, be sure it is always relevant to what your audience wants and needs to learn.

Strategy is Important

Now that you know you need to keep your cyber security training educational and relevant, you also need to learn why it should be strategic, as well. Take some time to think about what would be the most important for your audience. It might be helpful to make a list of the things that would be important for every training material or program that you plan to create. From there, you can talk to your audience and teach them about the specific aspect of cyber security.

Each of your potential customers is going to have their own reasons for buying your security training program or materials. They might be small business owners looking for a way to keep their business data safe. They might be a multi-million dollar corporation that is dealing with sensitive, private information. No matter what, you should use strategies to help them see why cyber security is so important. If you can catch their interests and attention, you are more likely to keep them as customers. You are more likely to draw in more customers by doing this, too.

One example would be having an accountant that is trying to keep their client’s data safe. They are looking online to find the best cyber security program. This particular customer wants to find the best ways to keep client information private and secure. They want to take your cyber security program because it will help them to do this. In this instance, you would want to make sure they have access to cyber security information for their particular field. Give your buyer the information they need to keep their business successful, while maintaining client privacy.


Another thing that you should keep in mind if you are planning to sell cyber security training is to be practical. Cyber security is always changing and it can be very complex. There are so many different aspects of cyber security and it can be difficult for some people to keep up. For instance, you might have a buyer that is having trouble understanding that there is not just one solution for cyber security. They can’t do just one thing and make everything safe and secure. It is important that you realize that offering effective cyber security training programs will require effort on your part to help clients understand this.

It is important to understand that your cyber security program needs to be multifaceted to fit various client needs. It can be overwhelming trying to customize certain cyber security training materials. However, if you can do this and be practical in the information you offer, you will be much more successful in selling cyber security training materials and programs.

There are some other tips for being practical with your clients. The first step is to understand where your client is the moment they decide to buy your training program or materials. At that point, you should also do your best to understand where they will need to be at the end of the training. From there, you can work with your client to get them to that point by a timeline that is practical. After a timeline is created, you can help your client be successful by offering training materials in modules, so they can pace themselves.

Measuring Cyber Security Training Solutions

If you want your cyber security training programs to be effective in preventing attacks, detecting possible threats, and reducing the impact of a breach, there are some things that you will need to do. One of the most important things is to make things measurable. You can make your cyber security training solutions measurable by doing the following:

  • Calling attention to the real data of breaches and the metrics (how do they impact businesses?)
  • Conducting monthly, as well as quarterly, cyber security reviews through executive and professional summaries
  • Maintaining regular progress for keeping your cyber security training program up-to-date
  • Demonstrating cyber security value with a calculator for Cost of Ownership (you can use a customized spreadsheet)

These are some of the many ways that you can make your cyber security training programs measurable. It is very important not to skip this step. This helps you to measure the value of your company with the value of what your clients are getting from your programs.


If you are thinking about selling cyber security training or you want to be more successful at doing so, there are many things that you must do. If you do the work in creating the programs and materials, keep things educational, create relevant training programs, focus on strategy, keep things practical, and measure your cyber security training solutions, you will have a more effective business.

By doing all these things, you can keep your cyber security sales on track. Don’t forget that you need to focus on what your audience needs in regard to cyber security. They are your market and their needs should be number one. If you aren’t creating cyber security training programs that fit their needs, they are likely to go elsewhere for what they need.

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