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Cyber Security Services


Pani Computer Solutions offer cybersecurity framework that provides solutions which will secure your organization or company from various degrees of cyber-attacks.

Our cyber security services include risk assessments, implementation, control and forensics. Our staff strength comprises of experts in information protection, risk management, privacy, behavioral change and intelligence management. This helps us to identify any cyber risk to our client systems. It also helps us to discover the lacuna that may lead to cyber-attack and implement an appropriate measure that may reduce these gaps.


Most Modern companies today give their employees the possibility to work from the comfort of their home, favorite coffee shops. However, that can put your entire company network at risk.Public networks that they connect from are not secured and that leave you vulnerable to attacks. Pani Computer helps you and your employees stay safe while browsing on public network by implementing a secure VPN. Secure VPN is a key functionality which needs to be added to your security prevention list. By implementing secure VPN Security methodologies, this ensures communication confidentiality , user authentication and message integrity.Enjoy our low cost and very effective secure VPN service today. Safety has not cost!


Every second, malicious hacker tries to take over corporate services and steal confidential information.

If you have employees accessing online company resources, you may be at risk. Implementing a password policy is not enough. Passwords may be stolen and reused. When you have no control over your passwords, then you don’t have any control over who access your resources. Regain control over your company by implementing the best two-factor authentication platform for web-based businesses.


It is extremely important you protect your server from hackers. We are extremely watchful about this and ensure against in-advance security assaults.

At the point, when your server isn’t secured, it makes it detectable by hackers. These malevolent people assault Internet availability, test for defenseless network passages, endeavor to destroy web destinations and attempt to dispatch denial of-benefit assaults, parcels and many more. They dependably undermine the honesty of networks ordinarily.It is best to repulse these hackers, ensure your network’s security by utilizing an interruption discovery or avoidance framework (IDS/IPS).

It is often said that the best offense is a good defense! This makes it paramount to have a quality antivirus protection for your PC. It is better to keep your Pc protected than to allow virus attack it as several important files could be lost, your hard disk could be damaged and you might end up losing the entire system. As a professional IT company, we help with virus removal in order to save your files and documents.At the point, when your server isn’t secured, it makes it detectable by hackers. Installing all the latest patches, updating your Operating system and Anti-virus software on a regular basis can can be very effective in fighting against hacking.