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Terms and conditions

The services offered through this agreement are as follows:

Pani Computer Solutions TM warrants its service to the original customer against defects in workmanship for a period of 30 days from the date of original invoice.

Pani Computer Solutions strongly recommends that you back up all the information on your computer’s hard drive prior to any installation or service. You understand and agree that prior to any service performed on your computer, including diagnostic service, it is your responsibility to make sure that your computer system has been completely backed up. Pani Computer Solutions is not responsible for loss of data, or information that is on your computer.

Pani Computer Solutions does not cover damage to any item, if in our opinion, improper customer assembly, modification, negligence, and/or improper use or abuse has caused the damage. This service warranty also does not cover any issues or interruptions caused by problems with a third party service such as Energy or Internet Service Providers, or cable companies.

Please Be Aware That Pani Computer Solutions Can Dispose Of Your Equipment If You Do Not Pick Up Within 30 Days We Send You A Notification.

Pani Computer Solutions is not responsible for customer’s computers, or other property left or not picked up at Pani Computer Solutions. If you do not pick up your equipment when we finish providing services, you will be notified by telephone, text message or email address we have on file for you. If you do not pick up your computer at that time, or arrange for a pick up time that is convenient, Pani Computer Solutions will dispose of your abandoned equipment 30 days after we sent you the notification. Pani Computer will not preserve any data which was stored on your abandoned computer. IMPORTANT: Pani Computer Solutions is not responsible for any data that is lost as a result of your abandonment of the computer.

Pani Computer Understands the importance of tour personal data. Please understand that Pani Computer Solutions will use reasonable efforts to safeguard your data on devices you give us for servicing.


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